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Islands & Marinas

The Croatian coast, one of the most developed Mediterranean coasts, with its numerous coves, beaches, bays, ports and many harbors is a paradise for boaters. The naturally heterogeneous Croatian coast allows for relaxation and accommodation in diverse settings. Along the coast, there are 718 islands, 389 cliffs and 78 reefs. Approximately 60 of the islands are inhabited year-round; these islands make up a surface area of 3300 km2. The sea temperature in the summer is from 22 to 27o Celsius. The islands are dominated by a Mediterranean climate with warm and dry summers, and cool and moderately rainy winters. The average annual temperature of the Adriatic Sea is 17o Celsius, and with an annual average of 2,600 hours of sunshine, the Adriatic and its islands are among the sunniest regions of Europe.

On the Croatian coast, there are many piers, bays, beaches, ports, and harbors. There are currently 47 marinas, which have joined into an Association of Marinas and account for over 12,000 berths in the sea, and 7,000 dry berths. Larger harbors have technical services, cranes, gas stations and several different retail and hospitality facilities. In the larger marinas it is possible to rent yachts, and sailing courses are organized for those wishing to learn.

Also offered are services related to swimming and excursions in nautical tourism, and organized nautical competitions (meetings at sea, nautical-tourism rallies, regattas, sails etc.) The Croatian coast offers ideal conditions for the organization of all disciplines of water sports (motor boating, water-skiing, speed boating, windsurfing, jet ski etc.).

The beautiful, crystal clear, blue waters of the Adriatic Sea are always a popular place for sailing. Fresh sea spray, cool breeze and beautiful views of Croatian islands certainly is a magic, unforgettable experience.

It is indescribable because you can only feel it. You can smell it, see it, hear it, taste it, feel it  and  all that you will remember is that special  unique feeling  that will be stored in that special little space in your personal memory under “My Croatian sailing experience”.

Come and experience the freedom. Croatia is waiting for you.

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