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Buying real estate

Anyone can buy real estate in the Republic Of Croatia.

There are two ways of buying real estate :

  • As an individual
  • As a company

If buying as an individual you will require Ministry approval if you are not a citizen of a EU country. That may take a considerable amount of time, up to one year.

For this reason the second option is often preferred. Establishing a Croatian company is a simple and relatively inexpensive process. We have lawyers and accountants experienced in this matter available to lead you step by step throughout the whole procedure. They are available to our clients for any legal advice needed.

When you decide on the particular real estate (any form) that you are intending to purchase, a temporary purchase contract will be signed for the agreed real estate in question and a portion of the required deposit will be deposited with the real estate agency.

The agency will then start the process of establishing the company in the buyer’s name (the address will be the address of the real estate concerned). That means that the new company will be registered on the address of the real estate being purchased.

Time required to establish the company is 7-10 days.

The owner/s of the company that has purchased the real estate can apply for a residency permit.

Depending on your individual needs, we will advise and assist you with obtaining temporary or permanent residency, if required.

From the signing of the contract to obtaining the deeds of the particular real estate takes as little as 15 days. It is quick and straightforward.

Simultaneously with the process described above, our lawyers can start the process of immigration if requested. 

More details available on request.