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Old Villa

There is no doubt that the Croatian, and especially the Istrian, coastline is incredibly beautiful and certainly makes this country tops in the world to visit or own real estate.Istria is a large peninsula. It has a very rich history stretching thousands of years. Culturally it is very mixed, since this piece of Europe used to belong to many nations.

Histrions, Greeks, Romans, Slavs, French, Austrians and Italians have all left their influence on the local cultural flavor.

I would also like to share a secret with you that some people have discovered and are jealously keeping secret:

If you venture inland from the magnificent blue waters, numerous islands, white coves and sprawling beaches, you will enter the magical world of the Istrian countryside. Gently sloping hills, warm sunshine, and long walks through the flower meadows, cool water brooks and beautiful bird songs. Is it real? O yes it is…

Relaxed life style

Quaint medieval hilltop towns and small villages with their typical stone houses and red-top roofs. Cobbled, windy, dusty roads and flower-filled window frames.

Time here goes slow, people go by their daily chores and in the evening enjoy the fresh air with a glass of good wine from the local vineyards. This a place where you can truly relax and get away from it all.


Isn’t it amazing how country air, total freedom and the feeling of peace can make you hungry?

Well, there are many local restaurants (konoba), country inns serving the best tasting, locally grown food in the world: local wine, cheese, truffles, proscutto etc.

If you decide to make this place your own you may also bump into many famous personalities living here.


“A Scottish lord ,who prefers to remain nameless, owns this stately home, the Palazzo Portole, which forms part of the medieval walls of the hilltop town. Oprtalj is no mere hamlet and was once the home of wealthy Croatian and Italian landowners, a more important centre even than Pula. After many inhabitants left for good during Second World War, the handsome facades began to crumble. Now the brooding ghost town is coming to life again as Croatians and foreign holiday makers start to renovate. The impressively ornate gates with a coat of arms sweep you into the Palazzo Portole which unfurls over three storeys, all meticulously restored with polished pine floors, oak beams and galleried bedrooms. Its most recent heritage is revealed in the living room with an eclectic mix of Scottish heirlooms, family photos, antiques and plush sofas, though design purists may find it too stuffed with cosy kitsch. The library adds a touch of class (even if Len Deighton and Jeffrey Archer predominate); a spiral staircase leads you to an en suite bedroom and a large roof terrace with a staggering 360-degree view over glorious countryside. Down below, the kitchen is huge.”

“Truffles galore. The region is as famous as Tuscany for its fabulous fungi – Ralf Schumacher, who has a house nearby, buys his truffles here. For the meal of a lifetime stroll 150 metres to the local kavana, sit under the chestnut tree on the terrace and order homemade pasta with truffles, and fillet steak smothered in even more truffles – at £15 a head with wine.”

Quaint luxury

This could be your world…

We can help you find the perfect country estate, old stone house or a house in a village to call your own. Already renovated property or old stone houses in need of reconstruction are available.

Please feel free to browse through our country estate listings and let us know if we can assist you with any further details.

If your plans are to spend only a part of the year here, we also arrange property management services. These types of properties are very popular with European visitors seeking solitude. Rentals depending of the position and size can vary from 1000-2500 Euro per day.