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Invest in Country villas



"Stone Country villa for sale"

Stone villa for sale

 Invest in Stone Country villas/houses/estates/manors/castles

Stone Country houses, villas or manors can be 100-500 years old. They all have different historical origins. Most of them belonged to the Italian nobility that settled in Istria  a long time ago. They brought with them their servants and very soon small self sufficient towns were built around the Manor. Typical clusters of stone buildings are found all over the Istrian countryside. The cluster or a small medieval village, consisted of the manor house, servants quarters, workshops, schools etc. When the noble families felt treathened by the invaders they moved back to Italy and left the villages and the manor houses empty. Some of the servants remained behind and as time carried on their families grew and with every child an extention was added on to the parents’ house. This is how typical semi-attached rows of stone houses were created. Another type of stone country estate found in Istria are Castles and Pallaces. They usually come with hectares of land and are obviously fewer in number.

This type of stone building is often found on a top of a hill or in the valley on it’s own, surrounded by old vineyards etc,.

 Stone Country villas architectural style is unique and one of a kind in the world.


"Grounds Stone Country villa"

beautiful surroundings Stone Country villa



Stone country houses/villas are very often located in attractive surroundings and that is one of the reasons why they are so sought after

The positions vary. Some have a fantastic seaviews and could even be in a very close proximity to the sea. For example there are few on the islands that could be right on the sea. They may be located on a small hilltop town or in a beautiful position inland on the foothills of the mountain Ucka. Many hilltop towns, even if they are a few km from the sea, still have spectacular views over the Adriatic sea, the islands and over the stunnung countyside. Others are surrounded by vineyards, lavander fields or oak, ash and elm forests.

Every stone was cut out of a big rock by hand. The bonding material used is a mixture of local clay and other secret ingredients known to local artisans.


"Stone Country villa"

Stone Country villa Istria, view from the window

Healthy living – eco housing – organic food


Materials used in Stone Country houses in Croatia are materials found in the natural surroundings of the villas. The logic being that such materials will best adapted to the local environmental conditions.

The main materials being natural stone, handmade earth roof tiles and local oak. Coincidentally the same materials originating from the Istrian penninsula and the Croatian islands are the very same materials used used to built Venice, Italy.

As such the Stone Country Houses in Croatia represent the ultimate eco living quarters.

The Mediteranean climate is well known for being the healthiest in the world. The Istrian countryside is scattered with wild growing mediterranean herbs rich in it’s etherical oils. The Istrian region, famous wine and olive oil, was glorified by the ancient Greeks and Romans as having extraodinary healing proprieties. The combination of sunny climate, way of life and access to good quality organic produce make this part of the world a health spa on its own. It is no wonder that many high flying EU executives have found themselves a small retreat where they can rejuvinate and relax.

"Stone Country villa"

Stone Country villa in Istria, Croatia



Does Investing in Stone Country villas make economic sense?

Let us look at some of the reasons why investing in a Stone country villa makes sense.

1. Price is right! It will be difficult to find a house in the coastal areas in Croatia that will match those prices. In fact there are none!. Even with the cost of reconstruction it still comes to up to 25-30% cheaper to buy a stone villa

2. Savings! There are many expensive requirements that will not apply to an old country house for renovation:

–  building permit is not required which saves you time and money

–  locational permit is not necessary to obtain because there is or was a building already existing there which will automatically result in extra savings on water/electricity and phone licenses

3. Stone houses, especially in Istria, are a very popular holiday accommodation for the EU upper classes. They also have a extended holiday season compared other types of accommodation thanks to the type of visitor and location. The rental can vary around 300/400 euro per day.

4. Since they are popular with the EU visitor and Croatia is well connected internationally by road and air, it is a common occurance for EU nationals to purchase the villas as a weekend or holiday homes in where they will eventualy retire.

5. Well positioned and well priced stone houses are limited in number and buying one and restoring it to perfection is a wise investment. They than become an exclusive collector item.

6. Villas increasing popularity has awarded them a solid 40% ROI


Invest in Stone Country villas $ Invest in Property Croatia Tips!

Before you decide to Invest in Stone Country villas for renovation think about what will you be using the Villa for?


If planning to use the renovated stone house for your own use than any size will do


If buying for a decent ROI it is always better to buy a villa with some land and detached


If  wanting to really capitalize and earn an exceptionally good income stream it is  advisable to buy a larger house, 180m2 + with at least 2000m2 land (or a property with few houses)


Remember that the cheaper houses, 30 000-100 000 euro, are more in supply and the larger ones with more land are fewer and harder to find

Inherently they are becoming more and more valuable


If planning to buy a smaller stone house for renovation remember that you do not have to aquire another building license if you keep to the parameters

of the existing foundations.

It would be advisable to purchase a larger house outright if the space is needed as extensions to an existing structure needs an additional license.


Many well known celebrities have recognized the value of Stone Country villas in Istria as profitable real estate investment and they know call Istria, Croatia HOME. To mention few: Angelina Jolly, Ralph Schumacher, Bernie Ecclestone, Sir Anthony Hopkins, Andreas Von Bismack, Richard Oetker, Lord Mc Ewen, Mike Downey, Austrian Baron Friedrich Mayer-Meinhof from Salzburg and many more.


"Stone Country villa for sale Istria

Stone Country villa for sale, Istria, Croatia


Few well known example of sucessfully renovated Country stone villas can be found on the net 

Examples of successfully renovated classical Istrian stone houses are “Stancija Negrin”, Golubovo. Menenghetti etc.

"Stone Country villa modern interior"

Stone Country villa modern interior

It is fairly easy to create a warm, homely atmosphere and in the same time have all the modern world living amenities as well.


Istria (the largest Croatian peninsula) is undoubtedly the most popular region to invest in a Stone Country villa renovation project

 Stunning Istrian Tuscany like countryside, blue waters of the Adriatic sea and the close proximity to Europe all add to the attractiveness of the region.

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 Invest in Stone Country villas, Istria Croatia!