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Welcome to  Invest in Property Croatia’s official web site

We are real estate investment specialists concentrating on income producing properties. With the recent real estate market collapse in the world, property investors have become shy to invest their money. The USA housing market is staging a decent comeback but for how long? In our opinion the real estate investment market has completely changed its face and there is little likelihood of major booms of the past being repeated. That is why we have decided to concentrate on real estate that will make money now and in the future.

In particular we have chosen agricultural land, farms and food&wine industry investments. Croatia is definitely the best place to invest in agriculture since there are thousands of hectares of privately owned prime agricultural land available for sale as well as many farms and local farmers looking for finance and partners to expand production. We also concentrate on food production such as dairies, food processing plants etc. Since food will always be a commodity that is part of everybody’s budget and the demand will only increase, agricultural land will be a real estate investment sure to bring steady profit in the future.

Our second choice in Croatia is the Hospitality and Hotel industry. Croatia is well known as a popular tourist destination worldwide. This year it has surpassed Spain as the top destination to visit for the British. In 2013 the Croatian PDV (VAT or Sales tax) will be decreased to 10 % for the hospitality sector, which will make the Croatian hospitality sector more competitive and directly and indirectly more profitable. There are many hotels on sale to choose from depending on the budget available.

Another fantastic type of investment are Croatian stone villas, suitable for any type of investor and offering good rental income and average ROI of 40%.

Fantastic stone villa in Istria croatia

Gorgeous stone villa for sale IstriaCity hotel **** for sale

Please feel free to browse and drop us an email, we value your opinion. Apart from Agriculture and Hospitality you will find different types of investments in other types of income producing properties such as marinas, luxury villas and commercial projects.